Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Official - We are having a baby!!!!

As most of you know Tony and I were not trying right now to have a baby - we were going to wait until next year, but God had other plans for us - and we couldn't be more excited. We want to share our experiences and happiness with all of our family and friends who aren't living near us. I will try to update this blog as much as I can, I am still learning how to blog, Facebook - got it down, blogging - still a little new.

So far, I am 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant, every Tuesday we add a week. My due date is August 4, 2009 - and I am hoping to deliver in July which is my birthday month. I have always loved having a summer birthday and now our baby will too.

It is pretty hard to believe that I will be two months (8 weeks) this Tuesday and we just found out. I have purchased "What to expect when you are expecting" and have been non stop googling everything I can from - what the baby looks like right now, cribs, and most importantly the decorating of "The Nursery"

I think it is a girl, Tony and everyone else thinks it is boy...either way we are just excited we are going to be parents in a few short months.

Stay Tuned!!!