Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary

May 3, 2009 will be ONE YEAR! I can't believe it has already been a year. In honor of our first anniversary - I put together a slideshow of our honeymoon in Jamaica MON - and of course they are set to Bob Marley. I am having a little Tropical Vacationitis!!! Like I need one, NOW!

This weekend we are going to St. Simons Island, GA which is about two hours away to spend the night. On Sunday we are going to the Jekyll Island Club to have their famous brunch. We are really excited - my how life has changed in one year, but we couldn't be happier!

The slideshow is a little long, but I wanted all of the photos in so I could remember what a wonderful trip we had. I am already planning our trip for next year, well not really planning but thinking about it. HAAAA

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Neeley's Nursery Ideas

I finally have a plan for Neeley's nursery - and I am soooo excited. Since I found out I was prego, I knew I wanted to do the room pink and white with black and white (damask & toile) accents. Well, it is hard to find bedding that is simple Pink and White. My prego friend Kristen, found this website where you can have bedding made that is reasonable so I finally found what I was looking for today....

Basically - light pink walls, white furniture, pink and white damsk bedding with black and white accents - I made an idea board, thanks for the inspiration Sara Wiley Boyles. My wedding planner did this for my wedding day and it gives you an idea of how things will look all together, this is not too fancy, it is just my ideas together so I can make plans.
I still have not picked out the crib/changing table & dresser, I had no idea that it would be difficult to decide. I live in an area that has no baby stores, so I am going to go to Savannah soon with my mom to get some ideas. I dont want to spend too much, but I want it to last for all of our children, so any advice on brands and styles, would be greatly appreciated~.
Here is the idea I have so far, I am still looking so things can still change, however this the look I want. It is so fun to know we are having a little sweet girl, I hope she is girly - b/c I am planning for her to be.
This morning, Tony felt Neeley kick for the first time. I woke up at 7 (as usual) and she was kicking a lot, it woke me up and I started laughing, I woke Tony up so he could feel her - it was really special. Well, I turn 23 weeks on Tuesday and I am loving being preggers. I am really showing now - which is fun - all my maternity clothes actually look like they are supposed to now. Have a great week. Love ya. Liz