Thursday, June 11, 2009

32 weeks -

I haven't updated my blog lately - I have been super busy - Nesting!!!
Basically my life these days is - work, come home cook dinner and then try to clean out closets. I am in serious Nesting Mode. Everyone knows I get on these cleaning frenzies but this is even a little much for me. All I think about is what I need to clean up - I see how dirty the baseboards are, the carpet, how bad my closets look and especially the kitchen cabinets. I am a little OCD anyway about the house, but now I am just plain crazy! Tony thinks it is funny until I have him a list of all the things we must get done.
Tony primed the walls in Neeley's nursery a week or so ago, and if he could get off work before 8 at night he wants to finish it up - we are picking up the furniture on Fathers Day weekend from OBG and hopefully the bedding will be done next week. Everything is coming together. I have also ordered some damask fabric for the curtains. Neeley's room is going to be very CHIC and I can't wait until it is all put together.
I had a shower last weekend and it was wonderful - my great friends in Beaufort did a wonderful job, it made me feel so special and I got so many wonderful things for Neeley. I still have a hard time believing that I am having a baby - I mean, I am well aware that Neeley is in my belly, she kicks and moves all day. But it is hard to believe that in a few weeks, 8 to be exact we will have Neeley at home. It is so sureal -
Mommie and I at the Beaufort Shower -

All the prego girlies in Beaufort - we have something in the water here for sure!!!

I must say, I have friends who loved or love being prego and then I have friends who were not huge fans. I feel bad saying that I am not too comfortable and I am ready not to be prego anymore. I went to the doctor and found out I am Anemic yesterday. So now I have swollen feet and hands and I also am low on Iron. The doctor assured me it was a normal part of pregnancy and the Iron pills will fix it and give me more energy. She also told me to stop nesting for a few weeks and get rest. I need to keep my swelling to a minimum and get my Iron levels up and then she told me to resume my nesting at week 34 or 35.

So, I am supposed to stay out of the heat and get rest. How am I supposed to do that when I have my to do list. HAAA

Well, this weekend I am going to Columbia for a baby shower given by my longest and best friends. I am so excited - some of my girlies are bringing their little boos and I am going to get some practice holding them and I even want to change a diaper. I know this sounds wierd, but I haven't changed a diaper in years....I can't even remember - so with Neeley on the way, I feel like I need a little practice. Fun I know!!!

I will post pictures from my weekend in Columbia - I can't wait to see all my girlies!!!