Thursday, January 22, 2009

It has been a long time since I updated the blog, sorry life has been busy.

I was 12 weeks on Tuesday - I can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. I keep telling myself everyday that I am going to buy a journal so I can write to sweet Baby Mitchum - so much in the world has already happened since I found out I was preggers - I really need to get on that. I am nervous and excited about the changes that are going on with my body. For one, I am getting way more energy which is great, b/c I was sleeping every day after work and I didn't have the energy to do anything. Now, I feel much better - and am enjoying this special time. I must admit, I am anxious to feel Baby M move - everyone keeps telling me that I will start to feel movement in the next 3 weeks or so. That is going to be exciting. I feel like I have gained a little weight, I don't wear my pants anymore, mostly b/c I am too slack to buy a belly band, but my dresses and tights are so comfy so that is what I am wearing. I do feel like my tummy is starting to poke out more, and I am ready for people to start noticing I am preggers.

Tony and I are trying to decide on names, ummmm - I never thought it would be so hard, but naming your child - for life - is a lot of pressure. What if they don't like their name? What if they get picked on b/c of their name, it would be my fault? HAA Seriously, I have several names I really like - for girls and boys. Tony really wants to name our child, if it is a boy, his full name, which is Augustus Wanamaker Mitchum, IV - I would like to start our own tradition and do something a little different, so if you have suggestions, send them on - we would love to hear any ideas. So far for a girl - either - Neeley Anne Mitchum 0r Elisabeth (yes spelled with an s, I think it is beautimous) and call her Ella or Ellie. For a boy, of course Tony wants - Augustus Wanamaker Mitchum, V - if we do this, we need a nickname obviously Augustus is quite a name for a little boy. Quinn means 5 - so that is logical, however a lot of people don't like it. I like, Parker Wanamaker Mitchum but we will see. Names are really hard, I had no idea.

Sorry I don't have any fun pictures or anything yet. I haven't bought anything, b/c I want to wait until I know if it is a girl or boy. For some reason, I think our little bebe - is a boy. For one, everyone one I think wants it to be a boy. Mainly Tony - he is really hoping....but either way - we will be happy.

Life is changing everyday - and I love it!
Love to you all. I will write more later.