Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day in the Life…. Boots….Rainbows...and High Heels

I read a lot of my friend’s blogs, friends of friend’s blogs and have found amazing recipes, do it yourself ideas, and photography blogs that I frequent a lot. This is why I am not sure why I haven’t taken the time to write things about our family. So, here I go again. I am going to give myself the task to take the time to write down the things that happen today, which could possibly be forgotten….life is after all about the small things……..So here goes!

I want to remember all of the fun things we are doing, and since I am OBSESSED with photography – I feel Neeley’s life has been very well documented by photos, however the stories that go with them are so important I want to make sure they are remembered.

I will start with yesterday, I was home sick with the Tummy Bug (Horrible…enough said), Neeley was at nursery, I was at home working as much as I could. I went to pick my sweet girl, Nee Nee at 4:30 and she was sitting on the potty in her class when I went to pick her up. When I walked in Neeley’s class, all her friends pointed to Neeley on the “potty” I walked in and Neeley looked up with her sweet face, so proud of herself...and exclaimed with such pure joy …..“I DID IT!!!” Neeley is using the potty a lot, however she doesn’t ask to go, so I am working on putting her on a time schedule to go every hour or so! It is work, potty training a little one!

It was raining yesterday so I put Neeley in her adorable, new rain boots. She of course loves shoes – so putting on her “boots” to go to school was fun. I picked up my girl, put her in her car seat and looked at what a fun and happy girl she is. I sometimes still even look at Neeley in such awe....she is amazing, her smile, personality and laughter are contagious. She just started laughing and squealing with happiness. She looked super cute in her boots so I quickly snapped a picture of my girl.

Since it was raining with a little sunshine, I was feeling better and it was Friday… Neeley and I set out looking for a rainbow. I love rainbows and it is always exciting (no matter how old you are) to see one! We drove around and talked about Neeley’s day and then – there it was, a HUGE rainbow. A DOUBLE rainbow. I have seen a lot of rainbows, but this one was HUGE. We stopped the car and of course, I took pictures and Neeley kept saying….”raaaiiiinnbow” It warmed my heart to share this with her, she of course, was very excited and said many many times….”I see a raaaiiinnbow.” Sweet girl!

After that excitement….We headed to TJMaxx, I had been home sick all day and I needed to get out of the house. While there we went to the shoes section. I have obviously given my love of shoes to Neeley, because the second we stopped, Neeley tore off her “rainboots” and put on the tallest pair of high heels she could find. She started walking up and down the aisle and even tried to run from me (squeeling the whole time). Of course, what is a mother to do when her daughter does something so ADORABLE you can’t help but smile! Pull out the phone and snap photos of course!

Please don't judge the teal socks...Neeley was wearing "boots"...who wears matching socks with boots? I am just proud the socks are the same color!

Even people in the store were amazed and watching little Neeley walk around in the high heels! It was so CUTE!

The pictures are not great quality, but totally show the love my girl has for shoes! HIGH HEELS….and not just high heels, but 3 inch heels (like Mommy wears) no flats, other than sandals for this girl, however what amazes me the most is how well she walks in them. Kind of scary! It does worry me that she is going to fall and hurt herself, however if you saw her walk in them you would be amazed…..she totally gets it!

I am sure I sound like one of those moms, who gushes about how cute her daughter is….Yes that is me! Sorry if you find that annoying, I can’t help it, I am slightly obsessed with her, her personality and sweet face get me every time. I know I say this alot, however, I had no idea the joy I would have in my heart to hear her sweet voice, watch her grow, and see the world through her eyes!

I lush you….my sweet baby girl!


  1. LOVED reading this post and the pictures that go with it! She is such a cutie pie - keep the posts coming! Aunt Rae can't wait to see her Neeley Boo soon Luv ya mean it!

  2. Been waiting on this update! HA! Keep blogging! Love this post!