Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekends with my Family

It is so much fun spending time with my baby girl, Neeley...oh and Tony too!  I can't forget about "Honey Bunny" he is a sweet hubby and amazing daddy!  This past weekend, my little family with some of our special friends went to the Shrimp Festival.  For the past 6 years it has become our tradition, before we had Neeley we went for the nightlife, now we go to eat lunch....my how times have changed! 

We met our friends and listened the band (which was way too loud...I can't believe I am admitting this, I told you we are old) ate lots of shrimp, and Neeley and Spencer played!  Spencer is my friend Lauren and Philips baby boy!  He is super sweet and I get my baby fix in, for now!  We had a great time watching the babies swing and Neeley really enjoyed the slide, one of her favorites in town! 

We left the Shrimp Festival and went to watch the Gamecocks not play so well against Auburn, but we ate delishious burgers thanks to Philip!  YUMMY!!!! 

Sunday is usually our "Family Fun Day" and this weekend we did not disapoint.  Tony mentioned that Disney on Ice was in town, so we made a last minute trip to Savannah to see Neeley's favorites, Micki and Mini! 

I personally like the princesses, and in time Neeley share this love too, however Micki and Minni have her heart and that is ok with me!

We all had a great time.  If only our seats weren't in the very top corner!  Next time I will purchase in advance - but it all about the experience.  Neeley was facinated, she watched the entire time and what a sight - to see my baby girl point and scream "Mini" when they came out!  It was magical...the excitement and wonder in her eyes makes this mommy very proud.  Since Neeley is currently an only child and Tony and I are only slightly obsessed with her, we are talking about taking Neeley to Disney next fall.    

We are having a great time with our baby girl!  

Today Neeley is sick, I picked her up from Daycare Monday and she had a fever, still has a fever and it is Tuesday night.  I hope she feels better soon, however in the meantime I am getting lots of snuggles, hugs, kisses and Neeley time.....

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